Crashing Light Bulbs!

Hi Guys!

Call me Crazy but I love watching glass fly. I reserved out studio yesterday for three hours and shot an open that I have had in mind for over three months now. I have shot it three different times before this but never got it to work! The end product of this shoot isn't going into my portfolio but it is definitely going up on the website and well just for my own personal work. 

I used a sound trigger and a SB910 flash and had some fun dropping light bulbs on each other as well as throwing things at the light bulbs to break them. I love the glass shattering effect that is captured! It is a beautiful moment caught in a splittering second (is that a word, its a pun, okay! haha) 

Thank you for stopping by! I am working on editing these images in the next few days so they will be put on the actual website but for now, here is the best sneak peak here on the blog!

I hope you had a great Monday, guys!

Call me a Dreamer!