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Stepping outside of your comfortable

In life, we often get caught up in what is happening right then and there in front of us and we don't see much else. 

As a photographer, you have to see outside of the now and make memories for the future. You need to see the big picture. I find it helps me look at life in general better when I think this way as well. As I go for drives with the family or shoot events or assist weddings, I get the privilege of seeing everything twice. Once through the view finder and then secondly on the computer screen, it opens up my eyes to catch moments that could be missed or see a silly smile caught on someones face after its all said and done and get a good laugh. 

In the instance of these two photos, it was quite a day. It was actually New Years Day this year, we went for a drive as a family. When we left our home, it was a full on snow storm but as we drove out into the country, there was no snow and it was warmer and then as we drove back, we came right back into the snow storm. It was only an two hour drive round trip but we saw two completely different places it seemed. 

It makes you wonder how in life, we get so caught up in the moment of what is going on, sometimes we have to just take a few steps away and maybe we will see something different! 

Thank you for reading! 

Call me a dreamer

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Thought I would throw back to the days of sunny, warm weather to start this blog off right!

As a Photographer, you see things as more than just a moment in time, but a memory in the future. One of my favourite things to shoot is street and lifestyle photography. It is the moment when you become aware of the world around you that you begin to see how beautiful it is and how you can learn from those around you.
This series was from one of my street photography adventures in the fall in downtown Ottawa. I love these three images as it shows so many things but also simple portrays the life of each person at a different age and stage in life. Don't judge others for where they are at in life, it is merely a stepping stone to the future. Learn from others and love others beyond what you see in the now. Every life is beautiful!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, here is to next time!

Call me a dreamer