LOVE IS... Campaign Involvement!

Welcome to the Blog Post about the LOVE IS... Campaign! 


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What is the LOVE IS... Campaign? 

If you are asking that question, you have come to the right place! The Love IS... Campaign is a project of mine for the month of February to show what love is. There is many different faucets of what love truly entails! Without giving away to much detail of how I plan to show this so you can be just as excited as me each day a new image is released! I will say that an image will be released each day of the week and a word representing love will be posted. 

How can you get involved!? 

Well that is very simple, here are the rules below:

Must like my Facebook page at Just Joy Imaging, click the link here to get connect. 

Must like each post of the day and get involved!

Must be super awesome person, you all are so no worries there!

How to be entered into the Free Giveaway:

Follow the above simple but fun rules

On Friday, share with your friends the post that relates to you or inspires you about love and tell me a story about how it does

If applicable, tag the friend that has help you realize what Love truly means in this way

The last Friday, your post must be completed by Midnight and I will spend the weekend reading your stories and the following Monday, I will release the winner of the LOVE IS...Campaign! How exciting is that?

Now the question, you are all wondering! 

What is the Giveaway!? 

 Free Mini Session at your location of choice (Valued at $100)

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Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!

I am so looking forward to the next three weeks! 

Call Me A Dreamer 



*Giveaways are applicable to the Kingston-Ottawa Region, but don't let that stop you getting involved!