Good Times!

Hi Guys! 

In t-minus 25 days, portfolio is due! I cannot believe it, but if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you can see all my beautiful photos of the epson printers here at the school. I actually love printing and seeing my work take form in front of me. As I was working last night on printing, a good friend of mine and I were going through all the shots I had left to shoot for portfolio. We have 12 images all together to be put into our portfolio, as we went through the list of what was due, I realized that I have all my images done! I just have to edit and print! I can breathe again! :) I have two more shoots to go but they are opens and well extras now! It feels so good! 

So to celebrate this exciting news I am posting some of my street photography from my fall adventures! I love looking back over these past two years and see where I have come from. There has been so many amazing adventures and experiences. I have grown beyond what I knew of myself and am stoked for the future! 

Enjoy, guys, and have an amazing day!

Call me a Dreamer!