Portfolio is upon us!

Hi Everyone! 

The fun has begun! The last looming two weeks of school where anything and everything will happen but you never know what will happen all at the same time! It is an amazing time of finding out what you are truly made of! 

I am excited for what the future holds and as school comes to a close, I feel sad to say goodbye to such an amazing two years here at Algonquin College but I also am excited and happy to have such an amazing program supporting me to become the best I can be! 

I will be posting my portfolio images on my website once portfolio is all handed in and done but for now, here is some of my street photos from the other day shooting downtown! I find that I can just relax when I go out and shoot street photography. It is, as if, I get lost in the streets and forget about everything else. It's an amazing feeling! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Call Me A Dreamer