Just Joy | In house productions

Hi Lovies,

Happy Spring!

It has been a while since I have jumped on here and showed what I am doing! Sorry about that!

I have started to mention more about my printing and canvas work on my social media accounts again and today I decided to show what I do when I say I make canvas wraps! I had two client orders for Canvas Frames so I documented the process. Check out the video above.

When I say that Printing or Canvas Wraps are done in house, I mean that from start to finish all work is done by me. Every detail and precision cut for the frames to the colour management of the images I print and wrap! This also includes any family session I do from when you first connecting with me, to capturing your family and then editing to present the final images to you.

I pride myself in giving the highest in house quality work I can! So when you are supporting Just Joy Imaging in whatever way we work together, you are supporting a home grown local business that is all about YOU!

Happy Sunday, Lovies! I hope to show more of what I do this summer so stay tuned!

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