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 Hi There! Thanks for stopping by! 


My name is Joy Covey and I am a dreamer! 
The name of my business, Just Joy Imaging is inspired by my father! When I was born, he wanted me to be just Joy, nothing less and nothing more. This means I do not have a middle name and I am JUST JOY! Thanks, Dad! Who knew all these years later here we would be!
 A little bit about me:
I love working with people and am inspired by their stories. I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire and acquired my Bachelors in Art (Honours) in Photography in 2017 and also graduated with Honours from the Algonquin College Photography Program in 2015. I believe that photography is one of the most beautiful tools we can use to express the world's true beauty, people. 


Just Joy Imaging is inspired by and loves creating your story, whether we are photographing your event or your family photo session. Our goal at Just Joy Imaging is to bring about positivity and excitement in our images, finding that the best way to do that is to have fun all the time!
We are great at telling corny jokes and dance really funny while we are on location, whatever it takes to make that smile light up your eyes! Your life event means so much to us and we love being apart of it. 


We are located in Brockville, Ontario.

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